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Package nltk

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Jazz Parser extensions to NLTK classes.

NLTK is optionally used by the Jazz Parser. This module provides extensions to NLTK classes. You shouldn't load anything from this package unless you're willing to have errors raised in the case that NLTK isn't installed, alerting the user that they can't use this feature without NLTK.

NLTK is imported initially here so that it gets tested when the module is loaded.

Note: the way the codebase is currently setup, you'd never not have NLTK installed (it's an external). However, it's theoretically nice to keep stuff the depends directly on NLTK separate so that we can handle its absence graciously.

Author: Mark Granroth-Wilding <>

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  STORERS = [<class 'jazzparser.utils.nltk.hmm.HiddenMarkovModel...
  __package__ = 'jazzparser.utils.nltk'
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[<class 'jazzparser.utils.nltk.hmm.HiddenMarkovModelTaggerStorer'>,
 <class ''>,
 <class ''>,
 <class ''>,
 <class ''>,
 <class ''>,
 <class ''>,
 <class ''>,