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Module shell

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Jazz Parser interactive shell for examining the output of the parser.

Author: Mark Granroth-Wilding <>

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Class to wrap up the various bits of state that need to be stored in the shell and that may be manipulated by tools.
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interactive_shell(results, options, tagger, parser, formalism, env, seq_id=None, input_data=None)
Use an interactive shell to display and give detailed access to the given results, produced by the parser.
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restore_shell(name, tools=[])
Restores an interactive shell session from a saved state.
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Starts up the interactive shell with no shell state.
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shell(state, tools=[])
Starts up the shell with a given ShellState.
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  logger = logging.getLogger("main_logger")
  CORE_TOOLS = [tools.HelpTool(), tools.DerivationTraceTool(), t...
  __package__ = ''
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restore_shell(name, tools=[])

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Restores an interactive shell session from a saved state. Such a state is stored using the 'save' command from a shell session (e.g. after parsing).

shell(state, tools=[])

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Starts up the shell with a given ShellState. This is called by interactive_shell, as used by the parser, and also by restore_shell.

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[tools.HelpTool(), tools.DerivationTraceTool(), tools.DerivationTraceE\
xplorerTool(), tools.AtomsOnlyTool(), tools.ResultListTool(), tools.Ru\
leApplicationTool(), tools.LogLevelTool(), tools.PythonTool(), tools.S\
aveStateTool(), tools.TonalSpaceCoordinatesTool(), tools.LoadResultsTo\
ol(), gstools.LoadGoldStandardTool(), gstools.MarkCorrectTool(),]