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Package formalisms

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All available formalism modules.

A formalism defines a bundle of grammar components that may interact with each other: syntax, semantics, rules, modalities, etc. Each module may assume that the others of the same formalism are all in use at once, but no code outside the formalism may depend on anything formalism-specific. This means a full formalism module can be added and may specify all the details of how the syntax, semantics and rules behave and interact.

This structure has allowed me to develop radically different versions of the musical CCG formalism in parallel. However, there currently exists only one formalism.

The base package contains a lot of useful base classes for code that is either common to all formalisms, or that is frequently used across many formalisms.

Author: Mark Granroth-Wilding <>

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Superclass of all Formalism structures.
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  FORMALISMS = ['music_halfspan']
  __package__ = 'jazzparser.formalisms'