These are notes to myself about admin of this wiki. There's nothing private on this page - just reminders of how I've set things up.

Private Pages

Pages can be made private using ACLs. Just add the following line to the top of the page:

#acl Known:read,write,delete,revert -All:read

This allows logged in users to do everything to the page, but anyone else falls through to the next directive, which revokes the read right. Unlogged-in users can't edit, etc. anyway.

Html Macro

I've installed the two-line HTML macro ( in data/plugin/macro/) which allows me to put arbitrary HTML on a page. This is fine, because I'm the only person who edits this wiki!

Interwiki Links

I've added a couple of custom interwiki link schemes to InterWikiMap. These allow me to link to the Trac instance for my Subversion repository easily.

I can link to the trunk of the code at a particular revision using:

[[JpRev:1200|Link to revision 1200]]

Or to the page for a specific changeset using:

[[JpChange:1200|Link to changeset 1200]]