I have a large collection of Latex packages, templates, commands, etc. that I use for typesetting documents on my work. Most of them are not in a publishable state.

Tonal Space Package

I have developed a Latex package for drawing tonal space diagrams. It provides a very succinct syntax for creating a 2D tonal space grid and drawing paths on it.

It uses Tikz/PGF to draw things.

The example document uses the geometry package to resize the page.


The syntax is simple. You must first create a tonal space path, which will draw a labelled tonal space grid. Within that you can place points, which will put circles around the appropriate labels. The points will be joined together into a path using arrows.

This draws the grid. (x0,y0) specifies the bottom left corner (in tonal space coordinates, where (0,0) is the central I). (x1,y1) specifies the top right.

The argument should contain the list of points to put on the path.

Circles the point at coordinate (x,y). By default, an arrow will go from the previous point to this one.

Put this between to points to force a gap in the path. No arrow will be drawn between the points.